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MSLP up 21% on big volume!!

MSLP up 21% on big volume!!

Ryan Mattera


Ryan Mattera’s Endorsements 2011

“I have known Ryan Mattera for 10 years now and my business dealings with him have always been efficient and complete. Ryan is a professional and I respect his style in dealing with his peers and especially his clients. Client companies can always look forward to an excellent experience when engaging Ryan. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for help in the public marketplace.” June 14, 2011

Tom Allinder, President,


“Mr. Ryan Mattera is a reliable individual that always delivered as promised and performed pursuant to, or above our expectations. I am happy to recommend Mr. Mattera and his work, and I would hire him again if needed.” June 9, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Tom Simeo, Viking Investments
hired Ryan as a Consultant, and hired Ryan more than once.


“Ryan has done a great job at assembling a quality team of service providers to execute effective campaigns.” June 8, 2011

Stuart Smith, Owner,
was a consultant or contractor to Ryan at &


Working with Ryan Mattera is always a pleasure . Ryan knows exactly what it takes to design , run , fuel and finish a highly profitable market awareness program. He is a straight shooter and always goes above and beyond for his clients and does the same for the people who work for him . Top notch services and knows everyone in the business .

Ryan is a great quarterback for you companies next market awareness program……

Scott Harkness /Owner: StockShark, Llc


Ryan Mattera
631-662-9956 Watchlist 6/17/2011 Watchlist 6/17/2011 RFMK up 60%!!

Ryan J. Mattera
631.662.9956 is here to give you the skinny on Stock Promoters…
We follow them all & track their performance.
If you want “Real” Opinions on who is worth hiring based on the actual numbers then check back often or subscribe to

We won’t hold back, We call em as they are, The numbers don’t lie…

Ryan Mattera

Liquid Capital Corp. &

Liquid Capital Corp. & are leaders in Investor Awareness for publicly traded companies. Pioneered Internet Marketing for Investor Awareness back in 1995 & has since, been the best promotional & marketing firm ever!

Literally hundreds of fly by night promoters have come & gone over the years but has stayed strong, grown with the times & remained in its place, as the leading Market Awareness Firm the industry has to offer.

How do we do it?

Liquid Capital Corp. & TheSUBWAY track every campaign by Promoter, IR Firm, Investor Group, Consulting Firm, etc & ranks them by performance on a individual basis.

Performance is based on the following:
-Compensation paid, cash or stock & how much.
-Duration of campaign.
-Share price increase / decrease.
-Share volume during campaign vs the three-month average share volume.
-Dollar Volume during campaign vs the three-month average dollar volume.
-Finally, Did the hired professional do the job they were paid to do?

Using this data that we’ve collected over nine years & continue to collect every day, We know who works & who doesn’t… We know who to hire & what to pay them.

Ryan J. Mattera
President & CEO

Risk Tolerant Investors – Public Corporations – Promoters. We have the best of all three worlds. The one source for High Risk / High Return Education and Information.

The one stop shop for all to do with Wall Street’s Underground.