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Liquid Capital Corp. &

June 17, 2011

Liquid Capital Corp. & are leaders in Investor Awareness for publicly traded companies. Pioneered Internet Marketing for Investor Awareness back in 1995 & has since, been the best promotional & marketing firm ever!

Literally hundreds of fly by night promoters have come & gone over the years but has stayed strong, grown with the times & remained in its place, as the leading Market Awareness Firm the industry has to offer.

How do we do it?

Liquid Capital Corp. & TheSUBWAY track every campaign by Promoter, IR Firm, Investor Group, Consulting Firm, etc & ranks them by performance on a individual basis.

Performance is based on the following:
-Compensation paid, cash or stock & how much.
-Duration of campaign.
-Share price increase / decrease.
-Share volume during campaign vs the three-month average share volume.
-Dollar Volume during campaign vs the three-month average dollar volume.
-Finally, Did the hired professional do the job they were paid to do?

Using this data that we’ve collected over nine years & continue to collect every day, We know who works & who doesn’t… We know who to hire & what to pay them.

Ryan J. Mattera
President & CEO


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